How to help the American workers who depend on you

You may be surprised to know that the American people depend on the federal government to provide the basics of life.Without federal assistance, millions of Americans would be destitute.The federal government provides more than $1.5 trillion in economic support for states, municipalities, schools, churches, and other community organizations every year.Unfortunately, as the Trump Administration continues […]

Venezuela’s economy has stalled and inflation is rising

VENEZUELA, Venezuela — Venezuela’s economy is slowing and inflation has risen sharply, a sign that the country’s economic and political crisis is worsening, analysts said.The country’s benchmark currency, the bolivar, lost nearly half its value last month, and many Venezuelans are struggling to pay the soaring prices of basic goods, including food, medicine and toilet […]

How to Get a Job and Find a Job that’s Really Good

A new study suggests that people who have trouble getting a good job may be at greater risk for depression and anxiety disorders.The study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Duke University analyzed more than 2,000 adults who were either unemployed or underemployed.Researchers also asked participants to rate how much […]

The death toll from an Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa’s Central African Republic is now at 4,000

An outbreak of the coronavirus in West African countries is now the fourth largest in history, according to a WHO report.The report also showed that the death toll in the country is now now at 6,000, with an additional 2,000 cases and 2,600 deaths.The WHO also reported that 2,200 new cases of the virus were […]

The real price of oil: Tanzania’s economy will suffer as demand falls

Tanzania’s GDP is forecast to shrink by 1.4% this year, the highest forecast figure in the country’s history, the government said on Friday.The economy will shrink by 0.3% next year, according to the countrys latest economic update.“The economy of Tanzania will be hurt by low demand and low growth,” said Toto Harika, Tanzania’s minister for […]

How to use Facebook’s search engine to find what you want to watch

By Laura ZahnApril 12, 2020 7:55pmThe most popular video games on YouTube and Facebook are all about fast economic growth and fast growth of wealth.That’s why Facebook is so interested in the growth of its video platform.Facebook’s growth engine allows users to browse through millions of videos and watch them all at the same time.When […]