A $3 million gift to Houston is being extended by Baytown Economic Development Corporation

Baytown, Texas – A $1 million gift from the Baytown economic development corporation to the Houston community is being renewed by Bayton Business Development Corporation.

Baytown Economic and Technical Education Corporation President and CEO Jim Wiele, said in a release that the Bayton Foundation will be making a $1,000 gift to the Bayview Chamber of Commerce and to the Harris County Economic Development Association.

Bay Town is located about an hour north of Houston and the center of Houston’s economic development.

Wiele said the gift is being made in recognition of the Chamber of Business’ ongoing partnership with the Houston Chamber of Industry.

The Baytown Business Development Corp., which has been recognized in the Bay Area for its role in developing and maintaining a strong economic base, will receive the gift from Wielet as part of the group’s “Blue Ribbon Program” to enhance Baytown’s economic future.

The baytown area is one of several Houston metro areas that are vying for funding for affordable housing.

Wieele said that, since 2012, Baytown has contributed more than $20 million to help fund affordable housing in the baytown region.