Cambodia’s tourism industry is booming

Cambodia’s economy is booming, but tourism is booming too.

Champa said Cambodia’s economic outlook has improved a great deal, and tourism is the only way to keep pace with demand.

But he warned that a number of local industries are still in need of investment.

“There are a number small businesses that are in a situation that they cannot survive in the current environment.

We cannot continue to sustain their operations,” he said.

Champas own two hotels, and he said it was difficult to imagine how he could survive in a crisis scenario like the recent flooding in Khmer Rouge-held Cambodia.

The government is also facing the challenge of dealing with the tourism industry, which has seen the number of international arrivals fall dramatically in recent years.

But Champa, who is from the Angkor Wat area of Angkorian province, said he does not blame the tourists for not travelling.

“I think that they have their own motivations, and it is very difficult to say, ‘Oh, it is all our fault,'” he said, adding that he had a different perspective.

“People don’t want to travel to Cambodia because it is so dangerous, but also because they don’t feel safe.”