Which bus company will you buy next?

Business Insider/ShutterstockA bus company in Indiana is testing out an electric bus with an “electric battery pack” in the seats.

The bus, called the E-Mobility, is powered by solar panels and can be powered by battery packs, too.

“It’s an electric vehicle that’s designed to be self-driving,” said Jason Lott, executive director of the Indiana Bus Association.

“It’s powered by a solar system that will actually provide the vehicle with a lot of battery energy.

It can be plugged in and charged.”

It’s a “really innovative” technology, he added, because it’s “designed to be as fuel efficient as possible, while also being extremely efficient in terms of energy efficiency.”

It has a range of 200 miles, and it’s been tested in Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

The company has been trying to get the company to bring it to other cities as well.

It’s also a step toward a future where electric buses will be able to operate in congested urban areas.

There’s been talk about electric buses being a way to move people around more quickly, but it’s still very difficult to transport people on a bus.