How to read the US GDP numbers: How to make sense of what’s happening

As the US economy starts to show signs of slowing down, many economists are trying to figure out how to interpret the numbers.

The latest jobs report shows that employment in the US is down for the second straight month.

But it also shows that Americans’ earnings growth is slowing, and they’re looking for a raise in their paychecks.

As of June, Americans’ paychecks were still $2,874 lower than they were in February.

But that is due in part to the fact that many Americans are taking out loans to buy their homes, which will boost their take-home pay by $1,300.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, which is expected to help boost the economy.

And that means more Americans are looking to borrow money to buy homes.

But is this the first sign of a slowing economy?

Here’s a look at the key stats from the report and how they compare to what we saw before.

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