’s price hikes are a big risk for the tech industry (AMZN) is planning to hike its prices by up to 40 percent next year, and the e-commerce giant is worried that the trend will only continue.

The internet giant has said that it will raise prices by around 8 percent on some items and around 15 percent on others.

However, it is not clear how these prices will be implemented.

Last year, Amazon announced that it would raise prices on the following items: phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Amazon has said in the past that its pricing plans for the year will be based on the price of other goods. will see an average hike of up to 10 percent on its products next year.

It is also planning to increase prices on some other items such as clothing, toys, and cosmetics.

The e-retailer has said it will continue to add items to its catalogue, and will continue selling products at discounts.

Amazon is also hoping to attract more customers by offering discounted prices on e-books, video games, and toys.

On Monday, Amazon said that sales on its online store,, would increase by 1 percent to 2.4 billion euros ($2.2 billion) next year and it is currently forecasting sales of 2.8 billion euros.

The retailer said that the increase would be spread over a six-month period.

The company has also announced that a new video streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, will be launched in 2018.

Prime Video will be available for free for all Amazon Prime members, but Prime members will have to pay for it.

Prime members who already own or Prime Video can sign up for Prime Video through the company’s website.

The Amazon Prime service offers a monthly subscription to Amazon’s video service, Prime Music.

In 2018, Amazon will introduce a new subscription service that offers exclusive offers on some products and services.

The service will cost $79.99 a month and include unlimited free one-day shipping for orders of $49.99 or more.

Amazon Prime customers will also be able to sign up to its video streaming website, Amazon Video, through its website.

This service will offer a free month-long trial, but the service will not be available until November 2019.

The new service will launch with Prime Video on September 30.

Amazon plans to launch a new online store for video streaming next year that will offer an array of services, including Amazon Prime, Prime Video and Amazon Video Music.

Amazon will also start offering a new Prime Music subscription service, which will cost customers $39.99 per month, and Amazon Prime Music will offer more exclusive deals on exclusive music videos, video game music and other products.

The online store is expected to be available in the United States in early 2018.

It will be similar to, which launched in early 2017.

The website has been able to stream video on computers and other devices.

The price of the video service has been lower than that of Amazon Prime because it offers free delivery to customers, but it has been cheaper than Prime Music, which is available for $99 per year.

The launch of the Amazon Video streaming service will be the first time that the company is offering video streaming services to customers.

Amazon also plans to introduce a subscription service for video subscription services, which has a monthly fee of $59.99.

Amazon said in December that it plans to offer video streaming on a subscription basis to customers of its online shopping platform, Amazon Fresh, by the end of 2019.

In the United Kingdom, Amazon launched Amazon Video in December 2018 and will introduce video streaming in the country in 2018, a month ahead of Prime Video.

Amazon Video is currently available on the UK’s online shopping site, AmazonFresh, and in the U.S. and Canada by the middle of 2019, with the service offering video on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Amazon’s Prime Video service is currently offered in the UK for a limited time, with Prime members getting 30 days free, while Prime Music subscribers will get 30 days.

Prime Music is available in both the U: United Kingdom and Canada.

Amazon did not disclose the total number of Prime members that will be eligible to sign-up for Prime, nor did it say whether Amazon Prime will remain free after its launch.

Amazon hopes that Prime Video subscribers will sign up in large numbers and that Prime members may start to use Amazon Video to stream their favorite movies and television shows.

Amazon Chief Financial Officer Peter Kafka said in an earnings call that the online retailer expects to spend $1.4 trillion on its division in 2018 and the company expects to make about $3.5 billion in annual revenue.

Amazon says it will also spend $400 million on the video streaming business next year as it expands the service to include a video-on-demand feature.

Amazon and Netflix are also working together to make Amazon Prime available in select countries, such as Australia, New Zealand,