Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri: “The Government will not allow the IMF to be the arbiter of Argentine economic policy”

President Maurício Macri is taking his own shot at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday, calling on the central bank to stop the agency’s efforts to implement austerity measures.

Macri said the country will not tolerate the IMF’s attempts to influence its economic policies, and the country is committed to restoring its sovereignty and sovereignty of its people, according to a statement on his official Twitter account.

“The Government has no intention of allowing the IMF and its political masters to impose austerity measures, and we will not let them impose austerity on our country,” he said.

Macron has been in office since May.

His government has been plagued by corruption scandals and a debt crisis that has cost the economy about $600 billion.

Macris’ government has responded by cutting spending and slashing subsidies to private companies.

The IMF said in its latest assessment of Argentina’s fiscal situation that the country’s debt was now worth $1.8 trillion, a record.

The Argentine government has long argued that the IMF is an institution that is illegitimate and should be abolished.

However, Macri has previously insisted that Argentina is ready to face its debt problems.