Boston’s booming economy is finally beginning to hit the ground running

A new study released by the Boston University School of Public Health says the Boston metropolitan area has started to pick up steam in its recovery from the recent financial crisis.

According to the report, the region has added a net 1.2 million jobs in the last year and the job market in Boston has stabilized in the past two years.

The number of jobs in Boston is now equal to the number of workers in the metro area.

The number of people who are employed in Boston in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 637,000 compared to 638,000 in the third quarter of last year.

The city also added an additional 3,200 jobs in manufacturing, and it added 5,200 manufacturing jobs in professional and business services, according to the study.

It’s no surprise that the region is finally starting to get back on track after being hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008.

The state’s unemployment rate hit 9.5% in April, down from 9.9% in December.

However, it has since risen to 10.2% in May, up from 10.1% in the previous quarter.

While the jobs numbers have been improving, the Boston area still has some challenges ahead.

The region has some of the worst road conditions in the country, and the region still has one of the highest crime rates in the nation.

It is still not safe for people to walk into a grocery store.

The area’s unemployment is still very high at 9.7%, and the state still has more than 300,000 people without health insurance.

But it is starting to look like Boston is finally coming back to life, at least for the time being.

The new study found that by 2021, the economy will grow at 3.7% per year.

Boston’s unemployment will drop to 6.6%, and its population will grow by about 3.2%.

The city’s economic growth is forecast to continue to increase.