Why I bought an Infinity card from Amazon – and it works for me

The answer: the card is a card.

The card is designed to function like a credit card, which can be used at a bank, a retail store, and, more often than not, at a restaurant.

Amazon is selling the card on its website for $199.99, but you can find one for less than $100 at other online retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

While Amazon says it doesn’t charge you for using the card, you do pay a $2.99 fee if you cancel or re-accommodate your card within 14 days of its expiration date.

That fee is waived for Prime members.

I picked up my card in a few minutes and immediately set about using it to pay for groceries and other purchases, using my Amazon Payments card to do so.

I bought a basket of groceries from a nearby grocery store and then headed to the store to buy more, all without a hitch.

This card is much cheaper than using a credit or debit card, but it does come with a few limitations.

It only works for one credit or bank account, so you can’t use a PayPal account for purchases.

You have to register your card online first, which means you’ll need to enter your name and email address.

I found this a little difficult at first, but I eventually figured out that I needed to put my Amazon account on hold and have the card approved.

I had to pay a fee of $1.99 if I wanted to do that.

I’m glad I did because this card was able to cover all of my grocery bills for the month, and it paid off.

My biggest problem with this card is the $2 fee.

While I’m not going to spend money on anything for the first two weeks, Amazon says I’ll have to pay another $2 per month to keep it active.

That adds up quickly.

Amazon is also charging a $3.99 monthly fee for renewals, and that’s for a total of $99.99 per year.

The card will also require you to log into your Amazon account each time you want to buy something on Amazon, and you have to provide Amazon with your name, address, and billing information, among other things.

It can take months or years for Amazon to approve new credit and debit cards.

To top it off, the card also has an annual fee of about $35 per year for taxes.

If you’re buying groceries, I’d avoid this card at all costs.