Microsoft’s Bing Search is getting a major upgrade

Microsoft is rolling out a new search engine to its Windows and Bing web browsers.

The Bing Search app will be available for Windows 10 PCs and Macs as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is rolling its way out today.

The update is the latest in Microsoft’s efforts to improve its search experience and make it easier to use on mobile.

Google’s Google Search is available on Windows and macOS.

Bing Search was first announced in 2014, and it was the default search engine for Windows and Mac operating systems for several years.

The search engine was redesigned to make it more responsive to touch and gestures, and Microsoft says Bing Search will become more relevant and useful for users when it comes to web searches.

Bing search is currently available on Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux and Android phones.

The new Bing search engine will be a major overhaul of the search experience for Bing.

It will bring some of the features that made Bing search so powerful to a wider audience.

For example, the search engine won’t be able to show you results from websites that you have visited multiple times.

It won’t show you the results from sites that have a different version of the same content.

Bing will also have an improved algorithm that will make it even more difficult for your search to match.

The company says it’s going to offer a variety of search options for Bing, including more than 2,500 search options.

For those unfamiliar with Bing, it’s a search engine that lets users see results from many different sources and categories, including news, business, sports, health, weather, travel, and much more.

The original Bing Search offered only basic search capabilities and was largely unappealing for many users.

Microsoft announced the Bing Search update back in December 2016.

It brought Bing search to Windows 10 computers and Mac computers and also launched a Bing TV app.

The latest update will bring Bing search functionality to Windows, Mac, and iOS devices, with more details on the search improvements coming later.

Microsoft has also added a number of new Bing features for the Anniversary Update.

For instance, Bing will be able tell you what content is popular across multiple platforms.

For businesses, Bing Search can provide suggestions on how to improve the user experience on their websites.

Bing also added support for more languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Microsoft also updated Bing search in 2018, but it wasn’t as successful as it is now.

The first version of Bing Search had a very limited amount of search suggestions.

The app also struggled to match the results of some search terms, and users couldn’t figure out which results were the ones they wanted.

In 2018, Microsoft added support to search results in more than 200 different languages.

It’s now possible to search for things like “Top 10 cities in North America,” “The best city to live in in America,” and “What’s the most important thing to you to do in 2017?”

Bing Search on Windows 10 and Mac is now available for free.