CNN Money: Businesses that have gone through an ‘economic recession’ are still making money

Businesses with negative or negative earnings are still generating revenue despite the recession, according to a CNN Money article.

Businesses that experienced a downturn in revenue and profitability during the Great Recession are still paying their workers and customers, and are making money, according CNNMoney.

That’s because, during the recession period, businesses were forced to pay their workers more and cut back on what they were doing, but they weren’t able to generate enough revenue to cover the costs.

It is one of the reasons that businesses were able to recover from the Great Depression.

Business owners have learned to keep operating and keep investing to stay competitive, but businesses are experiencing a downturn right now, said CNNMoney editor-in-chief, Peter K. Goodman.

Business people are also realizing they need to diversify their investment portfolio, which is why companies are looking to diversified investment options, he said.

The downturn is affecting the financial health of many businesses.

But because most of these businesses are still doing well, it’s a good time to start thinking about how to grow your business and grow your revenues and profit, said Goodman.

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