When the market’s over, what’s next for Dallas?

Dallas economic news article Dallas, Texas, March 20, 2018 — Downtown Dallas is about to get a new, shiny look.

The $1.8 billion Dallas Convention Center is scheduled to open to the public on June 3.

Construction on the project will include the construction of a new arena and hotel, as well as a shopping mall, a convention center and a convention park.

The arena, hotel, convention center, convention park and convention center are scheduled to be completed in 2026, 2027 and 2028.

The shopping mall will open in 2028, the convention center in 2029 and the convention park in 2031.

The new convention center will include a new conference center, hotel and convention hall.

The hotel will have a new floor, two restaurants and a new rooftop pool.

The convention center building will be expanded to include a larger outdoor pavilion and a larger conference room.

The hotel will be the tallest in the country and the largest hotel in North America, with a capacity of 12,400.

The new convention hall will also be the largest in the nation and the third largest hotel building in the world.

The convention center has a new concourse, which will be built on the existing convention hall concourse.

The concourse will be taller than the existing hotel concourse and will have more capacity than the convention hall floor.

The building will also feature a new bar area, a new banquet area and a public plaza, among other amenities.

Construction on the new convention centers will begin in 2027.

The project is expected to take up to 25 years.

Construction is expected begin in 2024, with the hotel and conference center complete by 2028 and the new arena by 2033.

The Dallas City Council is expected in 2019 to vote on the expansion of the convention centers, according to a report by the American Institute of Architects.

The report said that while the Dallas Convention Centers are a great deal, there are also challenges that the developers and operators of the new arenas have to overcome.

The American Institute’s report said the convention and hotel complex could be the most expensive projects in the region, with estimated construction costs for a new convention building that includes the new hotel and the arena in the city of Dallas at $1,100 million.

The City of Dallas will be responsible for paying the cost of the $1 billion construction, including the costs of the existing arena, which includes a new lobby, convention hall, concourse area and roof park.

Construction will be conducted by Texas-based construction firm Gensler, which is best known for projects like the World Trade Center complex.