Trump’s NAFTA deal with Mexico ‘worse than Hitler’

The White House has unveiled a new trade deal with a nation with which the US has had a long history of antagonism: Mexico.

The President, who has repeatedly claimed that his predecessor Barack Obama’s trade deals have been a boon to the American economy, said on Tuesday that his administration would not be taking a “backward” approach on trade, despite what the US Chamber of Commerce has called “the worst NAFTA ever.”

“This deal, unlike all previous deals, is better than Hitler,” Trump said in an address to the chamber.

“It’s a better deal than the one that was made by the last administration.”

The new deal will not affect current NAFTA negotiations, which are currently underway in the US Senate.

However, it will create a new system for US-Mexico trade relations, allowing the two countries to exchange services and finance.

Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, welcomed the announcement, describing it as a “positive step toward an even better future.”

Pena said he would meet with Trump “to discuss how we can deepen our relationship, deepen the trade ties and continue our fight against corruption and drug trafficking.”

Trump also announced that he had signed a decree that would allow the US to impose tariffs on Mexican goods that cross the US border.

The measure is one of several moves Trump has made to boost US economic growth, which he has argued is driven by a surge in imports from Mexico.