How to Stop Warming: Stop the Climate Catastrophe

Wisconsin’s economy is suffering because of the climate change, and the Republican-led legislature is not doing anything about it. 

Wisconsin’s economic growth has slowed and jobs are scarce because the state’s population has shrunk by a whopping 40,000 people since last fall, according to the latest census data. 

With unemployment at 10 percent and poverty at 22 percent, Wisconsinans are on the verge of being cut off from the rest of the country. 

To stop the climate catastrophe, we must defund the state legislature and elect candidates who support a robust and effective federal budget that reduces the federal debt by $1 trillion and supports job creation and economic growth. 

The Democratic Party has a long record of supporting the needs of Wisconsin workers, families, and communities. 

For more than two decades, Wisconsinites have been forced to make difficult choices, including choosing between a good job and health insurance coverage. 

As a result, Wisconsin has been unable to fully address the economic challenges facing the state. 

President Trump, Republican legislators, and President-elect Pence have all said that they are committed to making Wisconsin the safest, healthiest, and most prosperous state in the nation. 

Unfortunately, those promises have fallen on deaf ears in Washington. 

Under President Trump and Republican legislators in Wisconsin, the state is being put on a path to become the first major American city to fall into a major financial crisis. 

In the last five years, Wisconsin’s population and GDP have shrunk by 40,500 people. 

While Governor Scott Walker is still working to address the situation, the Democratic-led Wisconsin legislature has failed to pass any significant reforms, while its Republican counterparts have approved tens of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. 

Austerity is not the answer to Wisconsin’s economic problems. 

Governor Walker and the Democrats have made the wrong economic decisions and they need to start by making Wisconsin more affordable for everyone. 

Since November, Wisconsin state lawmakers have approved $1.6 trillion in tax breaks for the wealthiest, corporate tax cuts, and billions in new cuts to the state budget. 

Walker has also continued to increase corporate taxes and increase the state sales tax. 

These tax increases will increase costs for Wisconsin’s working families, families with college degrees, and businesses with small businesses. 

Instead of continuing to prioritize tax cuts and tax cuts that benefit the wealthy, Governor Walker should use the money he has and invest in Wisconsin’s infrastructure and schools to help Wisconsin create more good paying jobs, create new opportunities for the middle class, and support the families of the middle-class. 

Democrats in Wisconsin have been working to make the state more affordable. 

If they want to make a difference, they must do the right thing and make Wisconsin more accessible.