Apple to cut up to 300 jobs at Cupertino campus

Cupertinos CEO Tim Cook said the company is going to cut about 300 jobs this year at its new headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, as the company continues to focus on its core businesses.

The move follows a spate of Apple products falling off shelves after a report that one-third of its products were recalled in China, the second major recall in as many months.

Apple also is expected to reduce its workforce at its Silicon Valley campus by about a third over the next three years.

“We’ve made significant investments to reduce the amount of time we spend in San Francisco, but we’re also doing our part to ensure we’re not duplicating our efforts in other parts of the world,” Cook said in a statement to the media.

The news came as Apple was set to host a “Live Appreciation Party” to celebrate its 50th anniversary, in what Cook described as an effort to show appreciation for the company’s employees.

Earlier this year, Apple said it would spend $200 million to build a new campus at its Palo Alto campus, the company said.