How to Stop Warming: Stop the Climate Catastrophe

Wisconsin’s economy is suffering because of the climate change, and the Republican-led legislature is not doing anything about it. Wisconsin’s economic growth has slowed and jobs are scarce because the state’s population has shrunk by a whopping 40,000 people since last fall, according to the latest census data. With unemployment at 10 percent and poverty at 22 […]

How to keep your savings and investment in the red in the first place

The financial crisis that hit the U.S. nearly three years ago was devastating for many people, but it also led to an extraordinary economic recovery.With the economy now on the mend, the Federal Reserve has said it expects to raise interest rates twice this year, and it has signaled that its goal is to keep […]

Khmer: Economic growth slows amid corruption crisis

The government has tightened its grip on the economy amid growing corruption allegations.Here are some economic indicators to watch.1.Trade in goods has dropped in 2016, as the government attempts to stem a slowdown in exports.In the first six months of 2017, the value of goods imports fell 2.9% compared with the same period last year.2.Manufacturing […]