How the world’s leading exchange traded futures could be affected by the bitcoin collapse

What if one of the world\’s leading bitcoin exchanges, Bitstamp, collapsed?The answer may be pretty surprising.If Bitstamps collapse, how would it affect the world economy?How much would be lost?And what happens if Bitstampplase is the next exchange to collapse?Could it impact global financial markets?Could there be repercussions?We talk to CoinDesk\’s Jason Miller and Jon Wrobel […]

How to read the US GDP numbers: How to make sense of what’s happening

As the US economy starts to show signs of slowing down, many economists are trying to figure out how to interpret the numbers.The latest jobs report shows that employment in the US is down for the second straight month.But it also shows that Americans’ earnings growth is slowing, and they’re looking for a raise in […]

How to stay safe during the NHL trade deadline

The trade deadline is usually a time when teams start negotiating deals and are ready to move on.It’s also when teams are still dealing with the fallout from last season, when the NHL suspended three teams, including the Los Angeles Kings, for using performance-enhancing drugs.However, that hasn’t stopped teams from trading for players from the […]

Which firms are rising in the UK and Europe?

Business news and analysis about the economic, political and social events of the week.1 Related article Business growth, employment and inflation: Where are the UK’s big firms, and how strong is the UK economy?Business Insider/Robert Hall The UK economy is currently in a tailspin, according to a new report from the Office for National Statistics.It’s […]

Fed’s latest move will boost jobs and GDP in US

New York, NY—February 6, 2017—The Federal Reserve on Tuesday increased its key interest rate, adding to the nation’s economic recovery and boosting job creation.The Federal Open Market Committee’s decision to hike the overnight federal funds rate by a quarter point to 1.25% from 1% on Wednesday was a further indication of Fed patience and a […]

Which bus company will you buy next?

Business Insider/ShutterstockA bus company in Indiana is testing out an electric bus with an “electric battery pack” in the seats.The bus, called the E-Mobility, is powered by solar panels and can be powered by battery packs, too.“It’s an electric vehicle that’s designed to be self-driving,” said Jason Lott, executive director of the Indiana Bus Association.“It’s […]

Cambodia’s tourism industry is booming

Cambodia’s economy is booming, but tourism is booming too.Champa said Cambodia’s economic outlook has improved a great deal, and tourism is the only way to keep pace with demand.But he warned that a number of local industries are still in need of investment.“There are a number small businesses that are in a situation that they […]