How the financial industry got a bad rap in the eyes of economists

The financial industry has had its share of bad press in recent years.As the global economy struggles with sluggish growth, the financial sector is being singled out for criticism for its failure to predict the recession, the inability to predict an economic downturn and its role in fueling financial bubbles.But as the financial markets recover, […]

How to get an airplane deal – in 5 simple steps

The airline industry is awash in the latest deals, with airlines seeking to secure the biggest possible value for their investors and with airlines vying to win over new customers.The industry is also seeking to lock in lucrative deals for itself, in an effort to maintain its place as a reliable source of air travel […]

Burundi’s president warns ‘we don’t want to lose the country’

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The country of Burundia has been rocked by the collapse of its government and the collapse in economic activity, with the nation’s economy shrinking by as much as 6% in the past year.Burundi is one of two African countries that has been plagued by a political crisis since 2013, and the country […]

What are the most important agricultural economics topics for the Australian farming community?

The key topics in agricultural economics are production, marketing, supply chains and price discovery, says Dr Ian Fogg, a researcher at the University of New South Wales and one of the authors of the report.There is also a lot of focus on agricultural infrastructure, which is a major driver of the economy.What does that mean?Dr […]

Venezuela says $3.5B in US aid for rural communities will be spent soon

VENEZUELA (AP) Venezuela said Monday it will spend $3 billion on economic aid for Venezuela’s rural communities, a move that could boost the country’s cash flow as it struggles with an economic crisis and spiraling food prices.Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, said in a statement that the country would spend $2 billion on food, medicine, water, […]

Nike CEO Phil Knight is the latest to endorse Hillary Clinton for president

Nike CEO and co-founder Phil Knight endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Tuesday.Knight said he’s a big fan of Clinton’s, as he’s not shy to state that she’s “a very capable person and I think she’s going to make an outstanding president.”Knight, who has endorsed Clinton for vice president, also called on people to support […]

Why alternative economics is really important for the future

An alternative economics blog by a professor at a major university has been slammed for using pseudoscientific jargon to suggest that the US economy could soon resemble a communist state.The title of a recent post by professor Jonathan Gruber suggests the US could soon look like a communist country, while the subtitle states that the […]