Why you need to know what the big news stories are in Tanzania economic news

There is no shortage of news stories about Tanzania’s economic success.But what’s even more impressive is that it’s also the most-visited country in Africa.That’s according to data from Statista, the company that compiles economic data from a variety of sources.This year, the country is the No. 1 most-cited in Africa with 2.6 million visitors.The next […]

Boston’s booming economy is finally beginning to hit the ground running

A new study released by the Boston University School of Public Health says the Boston metropolitan area has started to pick up steam in its recovery from the recent financial crisis.According to the report, the region has added a net 1.2 million jobs in the last year and the job market in Boston has stabilized […]

How to make your financial decisions faster in 2019

The world is facing a massive crisis.It’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to survive this transition.The first step is to think about how to make sure we have enough resources to do it right.In this article, we will examine how to manage your finances in 2019, and how you can make sure […]

U.S. to raise wages by $2.5 billion, reduce overtime and hire more workers

The United States will increase its wages by about $2 billion over the next year to help offset a $5.2 billion payroll cut, as part of the U.N. plan to reduce the burden of global warming, the Labor Department said Monday.The Labor Department also said it would boost hiring by 1.2 million jobs in 2018, […]

Why you should buy tickets to a film that’s really good

It’s easy to miss a movie on the big screen.But in a film, a small detail can be worth a whole lot more than the entire film itself.A new documentary by producer Adam Sandler has just put some of those tiny details into perspective.The film is called The Greatest Movie Ever Made, and it’s the […]

Why Algeria’s Economy Is Growing Faster Than The World According To The IMF

article Algeria’s economy is growing faster than the world’s economies and its growth rate is accelerating at the fastest pace in Africa, according to a report by the International Monetary Fund.The report published Thursday by the World Bank says Algeria’s GDP grew by 8.5% in the second quarter of this year and is on track […]

How to Survive the Summer of Chaos

A lot of people are already getting tired of the summer of chaos.But what if summer isn’t just a summer?What if it’s a year?A decade?A century?The year we’re living through could be one of the most important years of our lives.It could be a decade without a crisis.And we can only hope to have a […]

What happens when you put a big-ticket item on top of the list of things to get ready for the holidays?

Chile’s economic woes have led to a sharp drop in tourists in the last three months, leaving many locals without work and leading to the country’s biggest protest in years.The protest comes amid an economic downturn and the collapse of a government-backed currency, the peso, that has left millions struggling to pay their rent and […]