U.S. to raise wages by $2.5 billion, reduce overtime and hire more workers

The United States will increase its wages by about $2 billion over the next year to help offset a $5.2 billion payroll cut, as part of the U.N. plan to reduce the burden of global warming, the Labor Department said Monday.The Labor Department also said it would boost hiring by 1.2 million jobs in 2018, […]

The death toll from an Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa’s Central African Republic is now at 4,000

An outbreak of the coronavirus in West African countries is now the fourth largest in history, according to a WHO report.The report also showed that the death toll in the country is now now at 6,000, with an additional 2,000 cases and 2,600 deaths.The WHO also reported that 2,200 new cases of the virus were […]