Why do some people think they will have a hard time getting jobs in Greece?

Greek citizens have long complained that they have little hope of finding jobs in the eurozone, but that has changed in recent years.The eurozone’s latest economic crisis has made it difficult for Greek citizens to find work, with many saying they have not been able to find jobs because of the austerity measures introduced by […]

The next recession: Can Connecticut’s economy bounce back?

It was a day of excitement for Connecticut as state officials announced they had hit their $3 billion bond repayment goal and started to tap into the new tax revenue.But it was a slow day of economic news as the state’s economy struggled to regain the footing it had lost when the Great Recession began […]

How to get the economic news meaning

Posted May 02, 2010 12:19:38I’ve never really been a fan of the economic meaning.It’s too abstract.You’ve got the abstract economic news that’s been published for decades.You don’t get the nuance.I don’t understand why it’s important.I think that when I think about economic news it’s really about the business of government.It is a way for us […]