How to make sure you have the right amount of money to buy everything you need to live in luxury

The price of a standard house is still set at a relatively affordable $1.2 million, but it may not be that simple for many.As the number of millionaires grows, some are buying more expensive homes to make up for the cost of living, and some are selling their properties to cover the cost.But how much […]

How the world’s leading exchange traded futures could be affected by the bitcoin collapse

What if one of the world\’s leading bitcoin exchanges, Bitstamp, collapsed?The answer may be pretty surprising.If Bitstamps collapse, how would it affect the world economy?How much would be lost?And what happens if Bitstampplase is the next exchange to collapse?Could it impact global financial markets?Could there be repercussions?We talk to CoinDesk\’s Jason Miller and Jon Wrobel […]