Why you need to know what the big news stories are in Tanzania economic news

There is no shortage of news stories about Tanzania’s economic success.But what’s even more impressive is that it’s also the most-visited country in Africa.That’s according to data from Statista, the company that compiles economic data from a variety of sources.This year, the country is the No. 1 most-cited in Africa with 2.6 million visitors.The next […]

The real price of oil: Tanzania’s economy will suffer as demand falls

Tanzania’s GDP is forecast to shrink by 1.4% this year, the highest forecast figure in the country’s history, the government said on Friday.The economy will shrink by 0.3% next year, according to the countrys latest economic update.“The economy of Tanzania will be hurt by low demand and low growth,” said Toto Harika, Tanzania’s minister for […]