Belarus to sell off state-owned grain company

Belarus is set to sell its state-controlled grain producer, Vuznes, to a private company, the Belarusian state oil company said on Thursday, after the company announced plans to sell the assets to a consortium of foreign investors.The decision came after the government announced plans on Wednesday to sell Vuznea, which is a producer of grain […]

The first of the four-year, $50 billion deal is signed with ExxonMobil for oil drilling in South America

In November, ExxonMobil announced a deal with the Colombian government to drill for oil in South American waters.The government, under President Juan Manuel Santos, has been struggling to come up with a solution to its oil shortage, with production cuts totaling about 30 percent in recent years.ExxonMobil says it expects to complete the drilling program […]

How to build a blockchain network in a few hours

Bitcoin, a virtual currency that has been around for decades, has recently been making a comeback as a tool for exchanging and remittances.But what’s the value of a blockchain?As an application, it’s used for managing and verifying transactions on the blockchain.It’s similar to the way credit cards work.But blockchain has a different set of characteristics […]

Why the Chinese government should consider a trade war with Australia

The Australian government is considering a trade-war with China over the controversial South China Sea ruling.The ABC’s AM program has learnt that senior ministers have been meeting with Chinese officials in China to discuss the issue.The Chinese government’s defence ministry has told the Australian Defence Force (ADF) that it would “fully support” a Chinese military […]

Why you need to know what the big news stories are in Tanzania economic news

There is no shortage of news stories about Tanzania’s economic success.But what’s even more impressive is that it’s also the most-visited country in Africa.That’s according to data from Statista, the company that compiles economic data from a variety of sources.This year, the country is the No. 1 most-cited in Africa with 2.6 million visitors.The next […]

Boston’s booming economy is finally beginning to hit the ground running

A new study released by the Boston University School of Public Health says the Boston metropolitan area has started to pick up steam in its recovery from the recent financial crisis.According to the report, the region has added a net 1.2 million jobs in the last year and the job market in Boston has stabilized […]