Why you should buy tickets to a film that’s really good

It’s easy to miss a movie on the big screen.But in a film, a small detail can be worth a whole lot more than the entire film itself.A new documentary by producer Adam Sandler has just put some of those tiny details into perspective.The film is called The Greatest Movie Ever Made, and it’s the […]

What happens when you put a big-ticket item on top of the list of things to get ready for the holidays?

Chile’s economic woes have led to a sharp drop in tourists in the last three months, leaving many locals without work and leading to the country’s biggest protest in years.The protest comes amid an economic downturn and the collapse of a government-backed currency, the peso, that has left millions struggling to pay their rent and […]

How to find the best oil stocks

Oil stocks are a fantastic source of diversification in an energy-rich world.Here are some of the best stocks to invest in right now.1.North Sea oil: Brent crude oil futures have gained around 15 percent over the past year.In January, it had traded around $70 per barrel.Brent crude has risen as high as $125 per barrel […]

How to Get a Job and Find a Job that’s Really Good

A new study suggests that people who have trouble getting a good job may be at greater risk for depression and anxiety disorders.The study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Duke University analyzed more than 2,000 adults who were either unemployed or underemployed.Researchers also asked participants to rate how much […]

How to manage your business during a recession

Posted March 02, 2019 06:16:23When the global economic slowdown began, many people were wondering what they could do to help themselves.But now many of them are wondering how they can help others, too.With the global economy still in a fragile state, it’s important to understand what to do if the recession hits.Here are five things […]

How the financial industry got a bad rap in the eyes of economists

The financial industry has had its share of bad press in recent years.As the global economy struggles with sluggish growth, the financial sector is being singled out for criticism for its failure to predict the recession, the inability to predict an economic downturn and its role in fueling financial bubbles.But as the financial markets recover, […]

How to get an airplane deal – in 5 simple steps

The airline industry is awash in the latest deals, with airlines seeking to secure the biggest possible value for their investors and with airlines vying to win over new customers.The industry is also seeking to lock in lucrative deals for itself, in an effort to maintain its place as a reliable source of air travel […]