The death toll from an Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa’s Central African Republic is now at 4,000

An outbreak of the coronavirus in West African countries is now the fourth largest in history, according to a WHO report.The report also showed that the death toll in the country is now now at 6,000, with an additional 2,000 cases and 2,600 deaths.The WHO also reported that 2,200 new cases of the virus were […]

How to earn money as a blogger: What you need to know

A blog is essentially a website where people can post their thoughts, opinions and opinions.In many cases, blogs are more than just a place to write, but also an avenue for people to connect with one another.While blogging is a medium for people in the world of technology to express themselves, many people in India, […]

How Connecticut’s ‘Failing’ Economy Can Grow Again

In the face of a severe economic downturn, the Connecticut economy is growing.But its struggling to keep up with a rapidly expanding population and a rapidly rising demand for goods and services, with a sharp drop in the number of people working in the state over the past few years.Connecticut’s economy has seen growth of […]

When the world’s biggest economy goes bust, will the next recession hit the United States?

It’s no secret that the United Sates economy is currently in a tailspin.It’s also no secret to anyone who’s been paying attention that the U.S. is a deeply unpopular country, and that’s exactly what the country needs right now. But what about the next time the country goes into recession?That’s when things get really interesting, because […]

When the stock market went crazy, a recession-induced plunge in housing prices and a subsequent boom in credit caused the real estate bubble to burst

NEW YORK — The housing bubble burst in 1987, sending the U.S. economy into a recession.The stock market crash that followed, which followed the dot-com bust, brought about a recession and plunged millions of Americans into deep debt.Today, the real-estate bubble has burst, the stock markets are back up and Americans are once again enjoying […]

What are the most important agricultural economics topics for the Australian farming community?

The key topics in agricultural economics are production, marketing, supply chains and price discovery, says Dr Ian Fogg, a researcher at the University of New South Wales and one of the authors of the report.There is also a lot of focus on agricultural infrastructure, which is a major driver of the economy.What does that mean?Dr […]

Nike CEO Phil Knight is the latest to endorse Hillary Clinton for president

Nike CEO and co-founder Phil Knight endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Tuesday.Knight said he’s a big fan of Clinton’s, as he’s not shy to state that she’s “a very capable person and I think she’s going to make an outstanding president.”Knight, who has endorsed Clinton for vice president, also called on people to support […]