Fed’s latest move will boost jobs and GDP in US

New York, NY—February 6, 2017—The Federal Reserve on Tuesday increased its key interest rate, adding to the nation’s economic recovery and boosting job creation.The Federal Open Market Committee’s decision to hike the overnight federal funds rate by a quarter point to 1.25% from 1% on Wednesday was a further indication of Fed patience and a […]

A $3 million gift to Houston is being extended by Baytown Economic Development Corporation

Baytown, Texas – A $1 million gift from the Baytown economic development corporation to the Houston community is being renewed by Bayton Business Development Corporation.Baytown Economic and Technical Education Corporation President and CEO Jim Wiele, said in a release that the Bayton Foundation will be making a $1,000 gift to the Bayview Chamber of Commerce […]

When you don’t know what you’re buying: how to decide if a product is safe for children

The safety of baby formula is not always as easy as you might think, according to a new report. The report by a Danish government agency and an international health group recommends that infants should be given only those formula ingredients that they know to be safe, and should not consume those ingredients without a prescription. Researchers […]

US economist says there are more jobs than growth

The US economy has a “much greater number of jobs than people would like to think” and is not facing a shortage of workers, according to the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Janet Yellen.Ms Yellen’s remarks on Thursday came during a two-day conference in Washington organised by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, […]

How to Stop Warming: Stop the Climate Catastrophe

Wisconsin’s economy is suffering because of the climate change, and the Republican-led legislature is not doing anything about it. Wisconsin’s economic growth has slowed and jobs are scarce because the state’s population has shrunk by a whopping 40,000 people since last fall, according to the latest census data. With unemployment at 10 percent and poverty at 22 […]

How to keep your savings and investment in the red in the first place

The financial crisis that hit the U.S. nearly three years ago was devastating for many people, but it also led to an extraordinary economic recovery.With the economy now on the mend, the Federal Reserve has said it expects to raise interest rates twice this year, and it has signaled that its goal is to keep […]

Khmer: Economic growth slows amid corruption crisis

The government has tightened its grip on the economy amid growing corruption allegations.Here are some economic indicators to watch.1.Trade in goods has dropped in 2016, as the government attempts to stem a slowdown in exports.In the first six months of 2017, the value of goods imports fell 2.9% compared with the same period last year.2.Manufacturing […]

How to get a better deal on a home in London

When you’re considering whether or not to buy a home or apartments in London, it’s important to take a look at what your options are.If you’re looking for something that’s in the market, London is your best bet.If you’re not ready to shell out the cash, however, you can find some other cheaper options.If buying […]

Why Cincinnati is the world’s most economic city, but it’s still a work in progress

CINCINNATI, Ohio—It’s one of the most economically diverse cities in the country.The Cincinnati International Airport, the city’s main hub, is home to a number of high-tech companies.And Cincinnati’s median income is just above the national average.But despite these accomplishments, Cincinnati is a city that still struggles with economic inequality.The median household income for people making […]