CNN Money: Businesses that have gone through an ‘economic recession’ are still making money

Businesses with negative or negative earnings are still generating revenue despite the recession, according to a CNN Money article.Businesses that experienced a downturn in revenue and profitability during the Great Recession are still paying their workers and customers, and are making money, according CNNMoney.That’s because, during the recession period, businesses were forced to pay their […]

The Biggest Stakes in the College Football Playoff: The Final Four will determine who gets to play in the Rose Bowl, the Heisman Trophy and the Cotton Bowl, according to the Associated Press

NEW YORK — College football will have its biggest stage in the playoff’s four-year history on Saturday night, when a national championship game between No. 3 Alabama and No. 1 Ohio State will be played on ESPN.The College Football Playoffs will be a two-team affair, with Alabama playing Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl and […]

How to build a blockchain network in a few hours

Bitcoin, a virtual currency that has been around for decades, has recently been making a comeback as a tool for exchanging and remittances.But what’s the value of a blockchain?As an application, it’s used for managing and verifying transactions on the blockchain.It’s similar to the way credit cards work.But blockchain has a different set of characteristics […]

Tennessee to pass law that would ban public displays of Confederate flags at public parks

A bill that would require people to wear Confederate flags in public places in Tennessee is being considered in the state Senate.The measure is sponsored by State Sen. Tom Smith, D-Ridgefield.The bill would make it a Class B misdemeanor for anyone to display a Confederate flag or a Confederate symbol in a public place without […]

How to tell when you’re a winner and a loser

The Great Recession began in September 2007, the first time the Federal Reserve’s policy of quantitative easing had worked its way into the economy.By the time the Great Recession ended in December 2009, the Fed had pumped more than $4 trillion into the U.S. economy through its various tools, including quantitative easing, and the stock […]

How to make sure you have the right amount of money to buy everything you need to live in luxury

The price of a standard house is still set at a relatively affordable $1.2 million, but it may not be that simple for many.As the number of millionaires grows, some are buying more expensive homes to make up for the cost of living, and some are selling their properties to cover the cost.But how much […]

How much money will Clevelanders save?

Cleveland is poised to receive more than $2.4 billion in federal aid for rebuilding and repairing its flood-ravaged infrastructure as part of a $500 billion federal stimulus package.But that’s only part of the story.Here’s a look at what you need to know about the program.1.How much will Cleveland get?The Cleveland program is set to provide […]